Hydco 1000

The Hydco 1000 is the culmination of 20 years infield experience.It is a high capacity drill rig with a 10.3 metre mast structure, which delivers a 9 metre rod pull, while also providing

more internal room for Make & Break options.The Make & Break unit allows RC drill rod joints to be both mechanically tightened and un-tightened without physical contact with from the drill operators, eliminating one of drillings highest safety risk activities.

Key features of the Hydco 1000 are:

  • Fully welded mast and deck
  • Truck mounted
  • 1000 metre + H Depth Capacity
  • Mast—9 metre Rod Pull—2 metre Dump
  • 2 speed multi-purpose head with Floating Spindle
  • Cummins Diesel QSC 8.3 litre Custom Pack motor
  • Water Pump - FMC John Bean LO9-18HD-BCD

Download the full specifications here