Oil & Gas Drilling

Silver City Drilling over the last ten years has built a very respectful name in the Australian energy sector specialising in drilling and well servicing operations for both conventional and unconventional oil and gas. Proven services include full service exploration, development and production well drilling, the complete range of well servicing operations (workovers, completions and directional downhole steering) together with the full suite of support activities needed for a successful operation. Capabilities include CSG drilling, well servicing, completions and maintenance, well abandonments all forms of drilling from coal core quality holes to multilateral inseam production wells. Silver City Drilling has a very strong experienced and proven logistics management team. 

Silver City Drilling has the full sweep of drilling rigs and axillary equipment to cater for all the client’s needs from the Gallagher 600,000 pound rig through to Schramm 685 rated at 90,000 pound surface suited for shallow goaf well style wells.

Silver City Drilling has proven our capability for optimum safety and running consistent cost effective CSG programs by recently being awarded for the third year in a row Westside Cooperation drilling services provider supported out of our fully serviced workshop yard in Moura region QLD.

  • Extended reach large diameter dual lateral  wells
  • Gas production wells 
  • Multi-lateral inseam wells intercepting verticals to 2300m
  • Conventional an Unconventional wells
  • Large diameter (up to 32”) steered mine break through holes to 500.0 metres
  • Vertical production wells with under reamed sections
  • Surface Goaf drainage wells
  • Wild Cat wells
  • Directional wells drilled with air DHM 
  • Plug and abandonment services up to 2400m
  • Coal Core Quality holes including piezometer installation