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The T500XD is a trailer mounted portable land rig designed to API 4F, 7K and 8C standards. Dual MTU V2000 diesel engines provide power to the hydraulic system for drilling operations. The trailer mounted Telemast system consists of fewer loads and offers rapid set-up and deployment. Automated pipe handling, slip actuation and breakout systems set this machine apart from conventional oilfield equipment. The Half-Triple concept is designed to utilize Range 3 drill pipe for increased drilling efficiency and quick trip times. The three axle trailer mounted unit includes the engine packages and hydraulic power systems. Four outriggers are supplied to provide a stable platform for the power trailer. Quick coupled hoses transmit the hydraulic supply to the rig's Mast Unit.



Features include:


  • 500,000 lbs. (226,796 kg) Pullback rig in a portable over the road package

  • 80,000 lbs. (36,287 kg) hydraulic pulldown for precise weight on bit control

  • Control cabin with joystick controllers for drilling and pipe handling operations

  • Power breakout, table and slips maximize safety on the drill floor

  • LoadSafe XD hands-free Range III pipe handling system included

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