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The Atlas Copco T3WDH is a Deck Engine Water Well Drill designed for DTH, Rotary air and mud drilling. The rig includes a separate truck engine and a deck engine, a hands-free holding wrench and a foot-pedal activated top wrench. The T3WDH boasts an impressive number of features including 11.4m working clearance (long enough to drive 20ft casing with a DHD or to install a casing hammer), as well as a pullback capacity of 311.4kN (70,000lbs) and a pulldown capacity of 133.4kN (30,000lbs).

Some key features of the T3WDH include:

  • Adaptive pipe handling including a carousel and single pipe loader, as well as drawworks and a hoist plug

    • Both fast feed and drawworks can be operated simultaneously to speed up the drilling process 

    • Tripping can be done with drawworks or rotary head

  • A single 35 ft (10.6 m) derrick with 37 ft 5 in (11.4 m) working clearance. Supports air-mud-DHD drilling, casing hammer, dual wall pipe, simultaneous drill and drive with a DHD or driving casing from the top with a DHD.



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