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Over the last ten years, Silver City Drilling has become a respected name in the Australian energy sector, specialising in drilling and well-servicing operations for both conventional and unconventional oil and gas. Some of our proven services include full-service exploration, development and production well drilling as well as a complete range of well-servicing operations (workovers, completions and directional downhole steering). 

Our core capabilities include:

  • CSG drilling

  • Well servicing

  • Completions and maintenance

  • Well abandonments 

  • All forms of drilling - from coal core quality holes to multilateral inseam production wells. 


Silver City Drilling has a complete range of drilling rigs and ancillary equipment to cater to all clients’ needs. These include a high-capacity Gallagher 660 vertical drilling rig with over 600,000lb Hook Load right through to a Schramm 685 rated at 90,000lb for shallow goaf style wells. 


Silver City Drilling has proven its commitment to safety while delivering consistent, cost-effective CSG programs and this is showcased by Westside Corporation’s decision to have Silver City Drilling as its drilling services provider for 3 years in a row - supported out of our fully serviced workshop/yard in Moura, QLD. 


Our core competencies include:

  • Extended reach larger diameter dual lateral wells

  • Gas production wells

  • Multilateral inseam wells intercepting verticals to 2300m

  • Conventional and unconventional wells

  • Large diameter (up to 32”) steered mine break through holes to 500m

  • Vertical production wells with under-reamed sections

  • Surface goaf drainage wells 

  • Wild Cat wells

  • Directional wells drilled with air DHM

  • Plug and abandonment services up to 2400m

  • Coal Core Quality holes including piezometer installation

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