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Silver City Drilling has more than 100 employees, with offices and fully equipped workshop facilities located in strategic locations throughout Australia. Silver City Drilling is a privately owned Australian company.

Silver City Drilling has a Safety, Health and Environment Management System (SHEMS) which serves to define the principles that we as an organisation strictly adhere to in conducting operations throughout Australia. Silver City Drilling utilises an ‘off the shelf’ cloud-based database to manage the SHEMS. This ensures that decision-making at the appropriate level (accountability), knowledge sharing across all sites and the promotion of safety initiatives is available globally, instantly and completely transparently throughout our company.

The Silver City Drilling SHEMS is made up six major elements, all of which are interrelated and integrated into our Whole of Business Management System. They are:

1. Commitment, leadership and accountability through plans, policies and objectives
2. Business Processes through standards and tests
3. Risk Management
4. Organisation and resources combining our contractor and supplier management
5. Performance monitoring and improvement
6. Audits and Reviews


Silver City Drilling have developed management procedures to underpin the policies and objectives of our company. They include:

• Document and Data Control Management Procedure
• Isolation and Lockout Management Procedure
• Communication and Consultation Management Procedure
• Hazard and Incident Reporting Management Procedure
• Risk Management Procedure
• Change Management Procedure
• PPE Management Procedure
• Contractor Management Procedure
• Emergency Response Management Procedure
• Audit and Review Management Procedure
• Health and Biological Monitoring Management Procedure
• Waste Management Procedure
• Fitness for Work Management Procedure
• Chemical Management Procedure
• Vehicle Use Management Procedure
• Working at Heights Management Procedure
• Load Restraint Management Procedure
• Manual Handling Management Procedure
• Sun-Safe Management Procedure
• Confined Space Procedure
• Inspections and Maintenance Management Procedure
• Disciplinary Management Procedure
• Workplace Rehabilitation Management Procedure
• Training and Competency Management Procedure
• Client Management Procedure


These procedures include guidance for all aspects of an integrated management system by referring the end user to processes, forms and checklists to assist in ensuring compliance with the system.

Risk within our Company is mitigated through a “Plan, Do, Check, Act” approach which enables a general balance between both our systems management and the behavioural aspects of operations. This approach also ensures that health, safety and environmental management is an integral part of the system rather than a standalone entity where continual improvement of our systems and process are monitored.

























The preventative management strategies utilised by Silver City Drilling serve to strengthen the SHEMS by ensuring a constant level of vigilance by all employees and visitors to identify weaknesses and potential hazards, which is not only encouraged but expected.


Silver City Drilling’s Safety and Health Policy, Environmental Policy and Quality Policy are included below:

SCD Policies:

Safety and Health Policy

Environment Policy

Quality Policy

SCD Certificates:

ISO 9001



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