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The TH75E is a multipurpose hydraulic top head drive, truck-mounted, deck engine-powered drill rig, designed primarily for reverse circulation exploration applications using either rotary or downhole hammer drilling but is also capable of coring and conventional drilling.

The TH75E employs a ‘dump angle derrick’ for angle exploration drilling. This ‘dump angle derrick’ can be positioned at any angle between vertical and 45 degrees using the derrick raising cylinders. The derrick then slides downward until the base rests firmly on the ground surface. Automatic pinning secures the derrick once the angle is set. Drilling controls positioned on the derricks ensure that the operator is always close to the hole.

Silver City Drilling's TH75E is custom-made with an upgraded 90,000lbs rated Derrick and 70,000lbs pull-back as well as upgraded compressors fitted to have I-R 2.5 Air Ends delivering 350psi - 1050-1070cfm.

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