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Built by Gallagher Engineering, the 660V is a new high capacity drilling rig for the Australian coal seam gas industry and is the first of its kind built in Australia. 


A state of the art drill rig built for the unique Australian conditions and considerations such road and community restrictions. It enables access to coal seams previously inaccessible to traditional drilling methods with conventional drill rigs.


The 660V’s rack and pinion feed system teamed with custom built Auto Rod Handler has many special features some of which are:

  • Ability to drill in excess of 3,500 metres measured depth 

  • Capable of vertical or angled drilling from 90 deg back to 60 deg 

  • Removes the reliance on gravity as it can push, as well as pull, creating 660,000 lbs of both thrust and pullback 

  • Reduces drilling time by enabling access to shallow formations immediately, thus reducing client costs 

  • Create a safer work environment for drill crew by removing the need of cables for push and pull with the added bonus of reducing downtime from rope inspections and replacement 

  • Climate controlled drillers cabin

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