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Silver City Drilling offers extensive solutions in managing and installing groundwater programs to meet all regulatory and environmental obligations:


Stock & Domestic Water

Silver City Drilling can provide all your stock and domestic water requirements, from identifying and analysing your needs to design concepts to installation.

We can also help with a new bore. Experienced staff can advise you on the most cost-effective system for your needs, as well as advising on any maintenance and/or water permit  requirements. 


Irrigation and Horticultural Bores

Larger irrigation work is highly specialised and is an area in which Silver City Drilling excels. We have highly experienced Licensed Drillers on staff using the best techniques available to deal with any issues nature can throw at them. 

While the cost of an irrigation bore varies considerably depending on the size and materials used, our team can discuss what design or materials will best suit your particular needs.

Artesian Water Supplies

We have National Water Well Licensed Class 3 Drillers (GAB – Hot Water Endorsed) with other employees holding Diplomas in Drilling and Supervising and Training. Additionally, our staff operate fully-equipped and compliant state-of-the-art drilling equipment.
We have a history of conducting and successfully completing numerous challenging drilling programs including multi-cased flowing bores to depths in excess of 1,600 metres generating flow rates upwards of 60 L/sec with temperatures of up to 98 degrees Celsius.

Monitor Bores

Silver City Drilling perform sampling and monitoring services from stock and domestic bores to multi-million dollar mining operations. We have all the necessary equipment in-house to monitor and obtain samples from bores, starting from 40mm nominal diameter upwards.

Bore Rehabilitation 

Silver City Drilling provide innovative solutions for problem bores using a sophisticated drilling instruments to explore and rectify any problem affecting the effectiveness of your water supply, such as re-sleeving bores with new casing and screens where existing casing/screens are no longer suitable.

Design Participation

Our team will take you to the next level and design, assemble, supply, install and commission a complete system to suit a broad range of applications - and select only the most appropriate products to make it happen.  The size of the project does not matter.  From single bore drilling solutions all the way through to complete turnkey multi-level projects. This ensures your job is completed to the highest standard, backed all the way by experience and installed with capable hands. 

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